Silver Linings

For some of us hardships seem to hit back to back. And for others, it gets so dark, we don’t even notice. And yet others have fallen to such a spiritual low, even feeling disconnected from our Creator.

And that’s the scariest type of all.

“Be patient” is definitely easier said than done. Everyone knows at a logical level what should be done to pull through a moment of difficulty.

Yet, when we’re in the heart of darkness, hollow pieces of advice is the last thing we want to hear. And that’s when we drift into isolation, spiraling into the darkness.

So how do we find our way out?

In this special IlmNight feature, Yasmin Mogahed delves into this very matter.


  • How do you reconnect with Allah after having been so far away?
  • How do you  recognize your personal triggers?
  • How do you  discover your natural opinion of Allah?
  • How do you control your knee-jerk reaction to calamity?
  • What is the difference between Sabr and Rida?
  • How do you determine if hardship is punishment or blessing?
  • What are the ways to survive and thrive in times of hardship?
  • How do we leverage our hardships to become stronger and closer to Allah?


Dunya's distractions are abundant. Hardships are for a reason. Taking this course provides more than a path, it is direction and guidance we need and should follow every day.

Rehan Hyder

Minneapolis, MN

Will leave you prepared to rise above the storm! I loved this lecture. It goes straight to the heart.

Marwa Ibrahim

Minneapolis, MN

I have read my fair share of help books ... but none have even come close to making me 'embrace' the 'trials' in my life like Yasmin did.

Asha Osman

Minneapolis, MN


Yasmin Mogahed is known for her gift of captivating an entire audience with her thoughts and insightful reflections. She graduated with a Bachelor in Psychology and a Master in Journalism and Mass Communications from the University of Wisconsin–Madison. After completing her graduate work, she taught Islamic Studies and served as a youth coordinator. 

Currently, she is an international speaker, a writer for the Huffington Post, and an author who focuses most of her work on spiritual and personal development. Her literature speaks from the heart, and her ability to relate all intervals of life to one’s relationship with the Creator is a remedy for those seeking comfort and solace in this dunya.


Multipurpose Hall
Masjid Wilayah Persekutuan
Jalan Duta, 50480 Kuala Lumpur

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Masjid Wilayah Persekutuan

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4:00 PM Registration
6:00 PM Session 1
7:20 PM Maghrib break
7:50 PM Session 2
8:30 PM 'Isha' break
9:00 PM Session 3
10:00 PM End of Session


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