No one will escape it. Not a single soul.

The fitnah of going astray in our ‘aqidah.

And many more.

In the Fitnah: The Tafsīr of Selected Verses of Surat Ale-‘Imran seminar, we will:

Identify all the key tribulations that Allah tests His servants with
Enjoy and benefit from Ale-‘Imran’s unique stories and incidents
Memorise a template to protect yourself from all fitnah
Taste the sweetness of one of the most rhythmic surahs in the Qur’an
Hear and practice your own recitation of the Book of Allah
Receive an introduction to the principles of tafsir
Be given the confidence and rules on how to interact powerfully with the Qur’an yourself
Be introduced to the science of translation and its limitations
Study classical tafsir positions of the most famous verses you’ve heard before
Be amazed at linguistic and rhetorical miracles hidden in the verses which you cannot normally access yourself
More than anything else: Discover beautiful gems you never realised existed which can only come from modern tafsir from qualified scholars interpreting the lessons and guidance in the light of our current reality

We believe you will enjoy the seminar, but more importantly benefit in a small time frame from an experience with the Qur’an that will be second to none, insha’Allah.



Shaykh Abu Eesa Niamatullah is original, addictive, and with an unparalleled (and extremely dark) sense of humour. Shaykh Abu Eesa (universally known as "AE") combines experience, 'ilm, and a modern understanding and application, which is unique and utterly relevant. Don't be fooled by his jocular exterior—it is unsurprising just how treasured he is to our student body as one of our most passionate and knowledgeable senior instructors.

Born in London, England, he tracks his roots to the Naser Kheil tribe of the North West Frontier in Pakistan. He studied both Pharmacy at the University of Manchester and then Anthropology, and then later studied Arabic, Islamic Law, and the Qur'an with its memorisation from scholars in a diverse array of locations in the East and the West. His time spent with many different teachers has led to a real variety of experiences and depth in the Islamic Sciences that are so famously expressed in his multi-dimensional da'wah and teachings.

Shaykh Abu Eesa previously served as the Resident Scholar of the Cheadle Masjid in South Manchester, yet still continues to teach Fiqh weekly there as part of our onsite and online initiative known as "Logical Progression". He was also the former Resident Scholar of the 1st Ethical Charitable Trust in Bolton, an organisation dedicated to civic engagement and Islamic legal and financial education. He was the original founder of "Prophetic Guidance" (PG) and still remains as the main teacher presenting PG's classes and events, such as the famous "Last Testament" play; his popular commentary to "al-Adab al-Mufrad" class is still aired today on Islamic TV channels. He is also the Vice-Chair of the Al-Qalam Sharī‘ah Panel, the UK's premier fatwa body for legal and financial concerns.



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